Work From Here

Work from Three Wise Monkeys

Many people are working from home again, but it’s often productive to get a change of scenery.

At Three Wise Monkeys, we also cater for remote workers. We have free wi-fi, power outlets next to many of our tables, all in a work-friendly, spacious building which allows social distancing. Available 11am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, you can book a table with free WI-FI, unlimited tea, coffee and lunch from our sandwich or burger range for just £15.

Of course, we also have our full menus for you to enjoy while you work, and by downloading your Monkey app you’ll have access to all our food and drink offers too.

Book your table or give us a call on 01473 921442 or email us at info@twmipswich.com if you have any questions.

At the time of booking, there is the requirement to pay a deposit of £5 per each member of your group.